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Coach K: Iguodala will be a key guy

Team USA basketball is going to be trimmed down from 24 to 19 people this weekend, and It had previously seemed that Andre Iguodala was in danger of not making the cut.  According to John Schuhmann it's looking like that's not the case anymore after Andre Iguodala has had a strong week, including a 17 point, 6 rebound, 5 assist performance in the scrimmage last night.

Quotes from coach Krzyzewski, via John Schuhmann:

"He just had a great week. I think any of these guys will tell you he’s an easy guy to play with. He doesn’t need the ball. I told him right after the ball game right out on the court I thought he was beautifully efficient.

"He can defend. You need guys out there who don’t have to touch the ball long. He’ll be one of the key guys for our basketball team."

Two questions:

1) Do you think Iguodala should make the team?

2) Do you want Iguodala to make the team?

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