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The Laundromat Basement Shopping of Andre Iguodala

Happy Friday, news-bunglers. A few days ago, I posed the question to readers, most riding the Evan Turner Bust Bus, who you would rather trade by midseason, considering the whole package, Andre Iguodala or Turner. The overwhelming response was in favor of shipping off Andre. Not surprising, because for over a year, various teams have been linked to pursuing him or at least considering it. Phoenix, Dallas, Chicago, Cleveland, New Orleans, Houston, San Antonio, Portland -- all mentioned in some purgatory between fact and fiction over the possibility of acquiring Andre Iguodala.

Add the Los Angeles Clippers to the list. According to David Aldridge, the non-Lakers are in the market for a veteran small forward to start while they groom their hardcore porn-raw draftee Al-Farouq Aminu from the bench. While Tracy McGrady and his brittle bones have spoken to the Clips about a deal, Iguodala remains speculative. I don't think the Sixers are openly shopping Iguodala, nor are they concerned that he and Turner will work together. But I do think that there's a small contingent of front office people assigned to the secret tasksomething like a Manhattan Project.

What can they get from the Clippers for Andre? I'm not sure. Blake Griffin is out of the question and Chris Kaman is more of a win-now move (basketball sense?). Nothing can happen with Aminu or Eric Bledsoe until August 10th when draft picks can be traded, but I don't find either of those two very appealing to us anyway. DeAndre Jordan seems like a possibility, but the real prize here would be Eric Gordon.

In the last year of his contract, it's undetermined if the Clips will ladle out the warm cheddar to lock up the former Hoosier long-term, though I suspect they will. After coming out as a freshman, Gordon has shown plenty of promise on the offensive end, and despite his good strength and tremendous wingspan, not much defensively. I really like him as an NBA 2-guard because of his milk chocolate jump shot and "attack the rim" mentality. With Jrue Holiday running the show and Turner/Gordon on the wings, that's a balanced, stud threesome in the making, all under 23 years old. Although in an e-mail exchange with the talented Steve Perrin of SBN's fantastic LAC site Clips Nation, Steve listed Gordon as "untouchable" and goes on to speculate if their other assets were valuable enough to net them Iguodala.

I used to think that Iggy was overpaid, until I saw Rudy Gay's contract.  Iggy looks downright cheap at this point.  Everyone gets all crazy, especially with Chicago and Miami giving players away to clear cap space, and thinks that players are just going to be offered up for nothing, so my readers think they can get Iggy for a bag of Cheetos, but you and I know that ain't true.  I'd say in his case, if you came up with anything that worked and didn't involve Griffin or Gordon, it would at least be worth a listen.

Please forgive his use of "Iggy" -- I'm sure if Andre goes to the Clips, he'd make everyone aware of his disdain for the name. I don't think there is anything without including Gordon/Griffin that's worth thinking about if it's for Andre, unless we're securing two unprotected firsts. It really depends on what Serling's plan is for the next few seasons.

Agreeing with Jordan, if I were Stefanski (and to be clear, I am not) I'd ask for DeAndre Jordan, Gordon and an unprotected first for Iguodala. Whether or not the Clips would bite in order to build a 4-5-6 playoff team in the West, I'm not sure. They'd have to acquire a shooter to play the opposite wing and if they could find a way to work it contractually, I'd birth a child if they took Jason Kapono off our hands. Should Andre not work out, Kapono for a 2nd rounder and a trade exception would be fine by me. Although Steve isn't buying.

I don't think the Clippers would be willing to give up anything for [Kapono] right now.  As a guy who is making $6.6M and put up PERs in the 8 the last two seasons, I don't see that as anything other than a salary dump for Philly.  The Clippers could use a shooter, so he could be a good fit for a season, but I don't see them parting with any assets ... not even a second round pick.

Seems logical. Rats. Thaddeus Young is also an option for the Clippers, although Aminu may be too similar for their future. Thad could net us DeAndre Jordan and a protected first, which I would do in a heartbeat.

The important thing for the little hobbits in the Sixers front office underground to remember is how good of a player Andre remains, at only age 26, with a contract that grows prettier with each exorbitant signing. If they aren't blown away, there is no need to force a trade. Stand your ground, Ed, you have to get lucky sometime in the trade market.

We'll have updates on the Andre Iguodala rumor mill as they come in. Just in case of a Stefanski trade, stay away from all pointy objects until further notice. Check out Clips Nation for all of your Clipper needs and thanks to Steve for chiming in.

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