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Basketball Sense: A Lesson on Ed Stefanski's Ignorance

Hello, Newmans. Let's break out the ol' chalkboard and examine two words that haunt our past, present, and future. No, not "rectal exam" -- BASKETBALL SENSE.  If you're new to this skin-searing phrase, Kate Fagan has a February primer on the subject associated with the trading of Andre Iguodala. Here's your official Webster's definition, provided by their best unpaid, unaffiliated and unofficial contributor, Me:

[bas-kit-bawl sens]


  1. Assumed logic in an attempt to better the basketball team on the court in the short term
  2. The idea that winning 40 games is better than winning 20.
  3. Cottage cheese.
  4. A cover-up term used by a money-hemorrhaging franchise trying to pinch a few pennies from old, musty women.

-Can be confused with: Incompetence, Nepotism, Smearing rubbing alcohol on the next 3-5 seasons.

"I would have asked my co-worker to stay the night, but it didn't make basketball sense."

"Yo dawg, this basketball sense tastes kind of stale."

"The Samuel Dalembert trade made basketball sense because we got Spencer Hawes -- look how young he is! What's money?"


Poland/Wharton School of Business/South Philadelphia OR Bruce Willis/Haley Joel Osment/M. Night Shyamalan

-Can be confused with: Incompetence, Meth Addiction, Smearing rubbing alcohol on the open wounds of the next 3-5 seasons while in a vat of salt in a lightning storm.

Ed has used his faulty basketball sense to explain not trading Iguodala, failing to ship away Elton Brand for expiring contracts, re-signing an archaic Allen Iverson, and hiring every orthodontist's dream boy, Eddie Jordan.  What's been the most frustrating, as shova and dweebowitz explored in their Fanposts, is Stefanski's complete unwillingness to rip apart this slipshod painting and start over with a fresh canvas. How much this has to do with the slack Snider's affording him on the corporate leash won't be known for a few years, if ever.

While lucking into the 2nd pick is a start, Evan Turner isn't going to be the savior of a floundering franchise for at least three years and that's only if he, Iguodala and Jrue Holiday can get a legitimate big man to compliment them. So far, almost three seasons of Stefanski's "basketball sense" has netted us the non-geometrical equivalent of a straight line.

Perhaps it's time to adhere to a more universally accepted logic, Ed. How's empirical sound?

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