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A Liberty Ballers Mid-Offseason Retro and Poll

Happy Hump Day, MC Hammerses! I know it's early, but I'm concocting (h/t Prideoux) a long, thoughtful, and error-riddled piece on what to expect for this season. Put that in your tickle files for another day.

If you've been in a coma this offseason -- a likely story -- you've missed out on a few things. For our hibernating friends, I will outline those events in bullet point format and shameless self-promotion! Raise your hand if you've read all of these. The Blog Czars don't count. Go!

This has actually been a pretty cool offseason, looking back on it from the midway point. While there's a lot of time left to make a few moves, I expect this to be more or less the team you'll see take the court come late October. How many wins does that mean to you? What should be the goal of this season? Answer in the poll, comment in the comments. Be sure to differentiate what you think will happen and what you think should happen.

Thanks for coming along for the ride, folks and folkettes.

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