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A Little Sunday Sixers Links, Featuring Lou Williams and Robin Van Persie

It's time to re-up yourselves with the links that make the world go round.  Yes it's been a while since the link pages made an appearance but, to quote one of the great philosophers of all-time, Lloyd Banks, "I know that I've bee gone for a minute but I'm back, chinchilla, ice on with a fitted."  You don't think I'm posted up in my house with a chinchilla coat, diamonds on my chain, and a fresh to death Oakland Raiders fitted on (I'm bringing it back to the old Ice Cube and Dr. Dre days)?  Well, then you're right.

While the links may not be nearly as exciting as landing LeBron, Bosh, and Wade on the Sixers (would it be Ledwosh, Wabrosh, or Chrisboshdwyanewadelebronjames?) you can still get LOST in Doug Collins' eyes as he explains how this past week is the best thing that could have happened to Evan Turner as a basketball player.  After the jump we have some summer league reaction, Aaron McKie the coach, and Billy King (huh?).  Enter at your own risk (there's not a risk, it's actually quite enjoyable to the point where you may or may not hear blissful music while reading).

Jump, jump, jump it up.

Turner Should Seek Positives from Poor Performance

"I know I have to be in shape to compete with this type of competition," (Turner) said. "It's a lot more competition, and everybody down here is playing so hard. They're playing to get or keep a job and put food on the table, and I got my butt kicked. It's the first time in a long time I've gotten my butt kicked. I'm glad it happened now instead of in November, December or January."

"I think this was the best 8 days of Evan's life," Collins said. "As painful as it might have been, he understands the level now that you have to be at competitively and in shape to play this game. When you're not in the greatest of shape, you can't play at the highest level. It doesn't matter how good your skill level is. He'll go from here, and now he's got form now until the end of September to do what's necessary."

"It was a good week, something that I needed to go through," Turner said. "Now, I'll go back to the laboratory and drawing board and get things done. Everything starts a little slow. It happened to me in college. I just have to go back and work on certain things."  

Stefanski Praises Jrue and Jodie's Play in Summer League

"No question (Holiday) is night and day from last year," said Sixers president and general manger Ed Stefanski.

"He's taking the ball anywhere he wants to," Stefanski said. "They can't keep him out of the lane."

"Jodie has been terrific down here," Stefanski said. "Fastbreak-wise, he gets out and is a dangerous shooter. [The Thunder] were shadowing him [Wednesday] because they didn't want him to get a shot."

Coach Collins Speaks About Turner's Performance

McKie Earns Valuable Experience on Sixers' Sideline

Watching McKie direct this group of young players is as enjoyable as it was to watch him play all those years. His demeanor is calm. His communication is straight forward. Thursday morning after practice, I asked him how he was enjoying his head coaching role and before I could get the full question out, McKie said, "I am having a blast! I am loving it."

"It is something I enjoy doing," McKie explained. "I don’t try to be a [tough guy] as a coach. I want to relax these guys as much as possible because I know the feeling when these guys are out trying to compete for a job. And you have to relax them."

What McKie enjoys about working with Collins is his openness to new ideas, a characteristic that not all head coaches possess. Because Collins is that way, McKie feels more relaxed doing his job, which makes the process that much more enjoyable.

"Absolutely I want to be a coach one day, but I am in no rush," he said. "I want to learn as much as I can – it’s not so much X’s and O’s as it is managing those timeouts. It’s managing three minutes left in a game and it’s nip and tuck – that’s where a coach makes his money. That’s where he makes his mark."

NetsDaily - Billy King to Interview for Nets' GM Position

Billy King, the man who preceded Ed Stefanski as president of the Sixers, will interview for the opportunity to replace Rod Thorn with the Nets, according to FanHouse's Sam Amick. King ran the Sixers for nine years before he was fired in December of 2007.

Since There Hasn't Been Any LeBron News in Here...

...why not remind ourselves of the time Lou Williams gave him a little taste of his own medicine.

Completely Un-Sixer-Related News of the Day: Today is the World Cup Final!

Three videos in one link post?!  Talk about the greatest day ever!  Anyway, in honor of today being the World Cup final, why not check out a highlight video of the Netherlands' premier striker, Robin Van Persie.  If you have a vuvuzela, it is encouraged you use it throughout the duration of the video, and that big meeting you have at work tomorrow.  I promise it will go over smoothly.  Girl scouts honor.

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