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BIG Board #30: This isn't Over!

So with foreign bigs Donatas Motiejunas (7) and Jan Vesely (22) pulling out of the draft, we still have two more BB's to go after this. Hopefully you've saved enough in the tank to keep on keepin' on for 2 more after this. I know I have!

After a commanding win by Xavier 2-guard Jordan Crawford, we'll move on this round with our last addition to the Board (the next two votes are going to be with the remaining guys), Terrico White. Aside from having a nickname awful similar to one of mine (Rico "da Boom" Suave), Terrico has demonstrated in the pre-draft workouts that he has legitimate point guard skills that he didn't show at Ole Miss. Measuring in at a cool 6'5 with shoes, a 6'9 wingspan and putting up 10 on the bench press of 185 lbs, 'Rico's got the size and strength advantage over most point guards in the league. Oh and did I mention the dude is RIPPED, with only a 3.7% body fat? Put it this way, DeMarcus Cousins' body fat would eat Terrico's body fat for dinner, then come back for fifths and still be hungry.

Due to Chris Warren handling the bulk of the ball-handling duties at Ole Miss, White surprised some people when Warren went down and he performed well at the helm in his stead. He's still very much a work in progress due to his shoddy handles and propensity to look for his shot first, but with his athleticism and leaping ability, he'd be a stud if he could put it all together. Especially if his shooting stroke is as good as it's been in the workouts.

Despite his sick hops and yosoysean-like strength, Rico doesn't get to the line nearly enough as he should. He has no problem slashing, and his quick first step is impressive, but when he gets near a defender he tends to fade away instead of embracing the contact and getting to the stripe. Defensively, he has all the tools, but isn't as physical as he should be and tends to take time on that side of the court.

Unleash the Kracken, or in this case, your votes.

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