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Sixers Planning to Keep 2nd Pick

Despite all of the win-win lose-win trades suggested in the Sixers Trade Thread since the night of the lottery, the front office claims they have no desire to package the 2nd pick come June 24.  This coming straight from the mouth of 76ers General Manager Ed Stefanski: 

We're listening to anybody who calls, but we have not shopped the No. 2 pick whatsoever," Stefanski said. "We don't shut our phones off, but it would take a blockbuster for us to consider moving the pick."

This is the feeling I got from Stefanski the night of the lottery as well.  Just 15 minutes after the Sixers found out they would be choosing second overall, Stefanski appeared to be set on drafting #2 and extremely giddy about the opportunity.  Hearing whispers that the pick could be traded baffled me after seeing his reaction that night.

This also could be leverage talk coming from the front office.  Other franchises hearing the Sixers want to keep the pick unless blown away may feel forced to put together a package too good for the Sixers to turn down (although I am yet to even see a proposed trade anywhere that would constitue as blockbuster).  Mind games or not (I wanted to use a different term for those of you who've seen Get Him to the Greek), I like hearing this concrete response straight from the guy making decisions.  Now the Evan Turner vs. Derrick Favors debate can heat up like my relationship with Quinn Fabray.

In other draft news, the Sixers will be at the 3 day pre-draft workouts at the New Jersey Nets facilities starting today.  It consists of mostly late first-rounders and possible second rounders (Stanley Robinson, Dexter Pittman, Ryan Thompson, and Jon Scheyer to name a few).  Could this mean they are looking into getting a second round pick when the draft rolls around?  We'll find out soon enough.

15 more days...

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