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Got Rec'd?

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The best part of this site -- and every SB Nation site -- is the comment section and the respective communities. Don't get me wrong, the writers are awesome and extremely good looking, but the readers are what makes SB Nation so special. However; this site in particular could become even more special with a few simple clicks.

In light of the first annual Ricko's I thought this was a good time to drop the recommendation hammer on commenters, old and new. Some of the Liberty Ballers' vets know all about the 'rec' button, but most don't. Here's the deal: if there's a comment or post you like from now on, I want you to hit the 'rec button'. Also, if there's a comment you find offensive -- directed towards you or anyone else-- flag that bad boy.

Learn how to 'rec' or 'flag' a comment or post after the jump.

For a comment ...

Click 'actions'.


Then click either 'rec' or 'flag'.


Witness the magic as the comment turns green!


For a post ...

Click 'rec' at the bottom of the post.



A few things to keep in mind:

  1. Currently, the amount of 'recs' required to turn a comment green is one. This will likely change when people start posting an abundance of comments deserving of a recommendation.
  2. Only 'flag' comments if they're offensive. Don't 'flag' it simply because you disagree. That's not how it works, because Stone Cold said so.
  3. Start posting badass comments, earn enough 'recs', and you could find yourself dethroning yosoysean of MVC next year, at the second annual Ricko's.
Go green baby! YES WE CAN!

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