2010-11 NBA MVP Candidates

We all know that since the 2008-09 season, "LeBron James" has gotten the MVP award EVERY SEASON. But since he decided to sign with D Rose and the Bulls, he's not gonna get MVP next year, so I'm gonna announce the possible MVPs.

1. Dwight Howard

He's big and tall and he's really good at defense and dunking and his team would have a tough time winning without him. He reminds me of a bigger, taller, but slower version of "LeBron James" with more post moves but a shorter jumpshot range.

2. Dwyane Wade

He's really good and fast and he is a player that a team builds around. I think I would compare him to Evan Turner (see Turner, Evan) in that Wade can play the 1 and 2 position really well and excels at what he does. I think he could be the MVP next year.

3. Lou Williams

I think that Lou will have a breakout season next year somewhat like "LeBron James's" 2008-09 season. With all of the stars signing to 1 or 2 teams, I don't think Lou can lead his team to the franchise's 10th Finals appearance, but I see him leading the team with his unreal speed, insane agility, inhumane jumpshot range, and a drive similar to Rajon Rondo (see Rondo, Jason). Lou is gonna have no choice but to lead his squad of rookies, sophomores, and veterans to a solid playoff position and possibly lead them to the conference finals alongside Evan Turner (see Turner, Evan) and Jrue Holiday (see Holiday, Jrue)

4. Kobe Bryant

He's really good at bball and Chris Rock tries to throw him off but he doesn't get thrown off his game he shoots the ball well too.

5. Allen Iverson

The 2009-10 season was rough for "The Answer," but Allen Iverson (see Iverson, Allen) has the talent that is incomparable to any 6' player in the NBA ever (i.e. 2000-01 season). He is a little old and has been going through a rough patch with his daughter's sickness and his divorce, but I think he will calm down when he plays basketball and he will return to have an AMAZING season wherever he signs to.

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