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The Ricko's: LB Awards for the 2009-10 Season


Okay so I meant to do this wayyyyy long ago when Jordan posted The Jodies, but I started going through puberty so it's kind of pushed everything else to the side.  I figured who better to name the first annual Liberty Ballers commenter awards after than everybody's favorite rock star, RickoT? That's right, nobody better.

So after the jump, take a look at what I put together while I was not watching the NBA Finals because it hurt my eyes too bad. If you didn't get an award, don't be upset -- just come back and post more so I'll reward you with something you can take to your grave someday.

Most Consistently Ridiculous Trade Proposals: Most people that have been on this blog from other teams. (All of those words are different links)


So let me start this out by saying I'm a big fan of SBNation. I think what we're doing here is really cool, and there have been a bunch of times when I've been in contact with fans of different teams under the SBN banner.  But some of these trade offers were horrendous. Hence the award. Congratulations, randoms!

Rookie of the Year: Prideoux AKA Nick Smith


Starting with his 3rd place finish in the LBMMPFP March Madness pool, Nicky has stolen all of our hearts with his youthful vigor and decisive statements.  With guys like TK, Derek and John around here whose collective age adds up to circa a billion, Nicholas helps with both our tax returns and that tingly feeling inside we all got for Griffey in the 90's. Hang around Mr. Smith, you've gotch 'erself a bright future.

Comeback Poster of the Year: Head of the Jason Smith/Derrick Favors/Thaddeus Young/25+ points per quarter/defense doesn't matter Fan Club RickoT!!!!


You knew it was coming. The tremendous sadness of Ricko's disappearance was only matched by the unbridled joy I felt when this was posted a mere 2 weeks ago. I don't know where he went (I do) or what he was doing (drugs), but I'm just glad he's back and shedding the light of God upon us once more. For kicks, here's some proof positive.

Mr. Consistency: The Japanese Assassin himself....Jefu


From halfway around the world, our Equal Opportunity commenter keeps everybody on their toes (except me, I stay on my arches) with his intolerance for poor argumentation skills and lack of facts.  And since John takes his breaks from time to time, it's nice to have good old 'Fu around to enforce the laws of this here establishment. Stick around man, we love your face.

Guy Who Has Commented A Lot But I Feel Like I Know Nothing About: Izimbra


Do you like the beach? What's your favorite color?  Call me or something.

The Drifter: Ben16


He comes and goes, but boy do we love his one-liners when he's here!

I’m not Jewish


Most Valuable Commenter: And the Ricko goes to...........



In lieu of a congratulatory paragraph, I'll copy the haiku that made I am Sean (translated for our non-hispanic brethren) a legend on the internet. To the tune of The Jeffersons, of course.

We’re moving on down
It’s a free fall
We have one of the worst records in basketball
We’re moving on down
It’s a free fall
For a slightly better chance at John Wall

What a guy.

Anyway, that's all for the 2010 Ricko's, tune in next year if they don't remove us from the network. Pat Sajak will be hosting.

Also, follow me on Twitter because I have a depressingly low following that comprises mostly of Get Rich Quick Schemes and Cookies. If you don't have a twitter, make multiple so they can all follow me and I can tell my friends how cool I am. That is all. Pat Sajak will now be hosting my Twitter account.


Last minute award of Most Frequent Visitor That Doesn't Care About The Sixers:

Scott Schroeder of Ridiculous Upside!


Yay for awards! Scotty pops by to check on our progress from time to time, similar to a caring uncle, or at least a perennially drunk one. And even though he hasn't kept up his Luke Schenscher fetish as much as we've all hoped, I speak for everyone in saying keep on coming back Shcotty, we love that Bismarck aroma around here.

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