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Minor Site Changes

Hey ya'll. On the eve of Free Agency 2010, Jordan, Tanner, and I have decided that in order to maximize our value on the market, we would change our screen names to our actual names. This doesn't have much effect on jsams or tsteidel, but a more noticeable effect on myself. I'll reference you to a terrific Ridiculous Upside article as I do so often here, when our pal went from Ridiculous Scott to the much more Peanuts-friendly Scott Schroeder circa 2009. If us going by our actual names makes us seem more credible, good. If it makes us seem pretentious, even better.

Since we're growing as a blog and as a community (fastest growing NBA blog donchaknow), the three of us wanted to take a more professional approach to things.  So now when we go to events as credentialed reporters, I don't have to fumble around saying theartistformerlyknownasmichaelbournisamouthful and instead go with Michael. Or Lassie. I don't want any of you peaches and pears to worry about our styles changing or us to become less involved in the comments. It's not gonna happen. I'll still have my public love affairs with our players, Tanner won't stop referencing LOST or Biggie, and Jordan's always going to giggle like a little girl when JA Adande walks by.  Derek's been the consummate professional since he got here so there's really no need to mention him even though I just did.

You guys keep your quirky pseudonyms please -- especially you, Jefu -- for your humble masters will now live vicariously through your cleverness. And if any GM is reading this, I'll sign for the MLE because I'm a team player.

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