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Tuesday Tish Tosh

This is your Tuesday discussion thread people. Depending on how you read that sentence, I could have just called you Thread People. I don't think that's an insult, but let me know if it is and I'll use it more often to describe you.  Use this post as a talk about whatever lazy Tuesday.  Orlando Summer League starts next week and if you hadn't heard, the Sixers aren't skimping out this year and actually fielding their own team. I blame all of their problems last year on splitting the Summer League with the Nets. Lesson: Don't mess with the Summer League gods.

Here's an Inquirer article about Turner/Holiday/Williams.

The coach told Williams not to assume that anyone already has been anointed a starter.  Williams said he would welcome that role as long as he is given an opportunity to start, according to Collins.

I don't want to see this happen. I'd rather not give him any opportunity to start, package him and Thaddeus for an actual back-up point guard, preferably one that is young, and expiring contract, and a future first. What kind of value do you think is out there for Thad/Lou?  Is Collins really going to go Brand at the 5 and let Thad start at power forward again?


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