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Sixers Offseason '10: Possible Undrafted Free Agents, Part Deux

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It's about the time for the second part of the UFA series that I'm sure everybody is having trouble sleeping without.  Last time we discussed Seattle's Charles Garcia, Cal's Jerome Randle, and Dook's Brian Zoubek (I always type Brain instead of Brian FYI).  Many suggestions were brought up in the comments section and being the excellent, fantastic, neato, fan-friendly stud that I am, some of those gentlemen will make their way into the second rendition.  

As we inch closer to the start of summer league play, the Cold Wind Blows (I have air conditioning so it makes sense) on me giving me chills about seeing Jrue Holiday and Evan Turner on the floor together.  For anybody interested in watching the games, NBA TV will be covering the event.  If you don't get NBA TV at your lovely casa, is offering Summer League Broadband for about $11 where you can watch all the Orlando and Vegas Summer League games.  Unfortunately for my sake, the Sixers are not playing against the Pacers.  I wonder what would happen to me if Evan Turner and Paul George matched up against each other?  I'm thinking something similar to this.  Okay, now I'm just Talkin' 2 Myself.  Let's just get to the prospects shall we?

The jump is On Fire.

Omar Samhan - C, St. Mary's College of California

This one right here is for our Australian friend briztoon who Won't Back Down with his love for the Gaels.  I'm right there with you mate.

Well anyway, Samhan bursted onto the national scene when he dropped 29 and 12 on Richmond followed by his 32 point, 7 rebound destruction of Villanova.  Omar is a very smart player, knowing how and when to take advantage of mismatches inside the paint.  Unfortunately, he'll give you as much athleticism as Cletus at your local W.T.P.  He got around his lack of athleticism in college because of his big body.  He was able to establish position in the post and use his above average footwork skills to create enough space to get some easy layups and stick mid-range jumpers.  If he's going to play in the NBA, he's got to accept that he has to be Going Through Changes by lowering his body fat percentage down and building some muscle.  He's Not Afraid to get physical in the paint to the effect that he averaged 11 rebounds and 3 blocks this past season on his way to winning WCC Defensive Player of the Year.  Don't let those 3 blocks lead to Seduction though, his lack of athleticism won't allow him be anywhere near that number if he were to play in the NBA.  I could Samhan getting a realistic shot at making a opening night team as a big body to stick in the middle for 5 or 6 minutes a game.  Samhan is currently listed on the Dallas Mavericks' Vegas Summer League roster.

Mikhail Torrance -  PG, University of Alabama

Even though Torrance got No Love from any organizations at the NBA Draft, I was actually pretty high on him leading up to the draft.  Is his potential Spacebound?  No, but he could become a nice Cinderella Man by going undrafted to a serviceable and useful point guard in the league.  He's a tall combo guard with serious point guard skills.  At 6'5", Torrance's length helps him get to the basket and finish through traffic regularly.  Mikhail has a pretty nice outside shot, making 36% of his three-point attempts this past season.  Torrance has shown a pretty nice ability to run an offense, find the open man, and get a crisp pass into the seams.  If he wants to succeed in the NBA, he must get his turnover rate down (averaged about 3 this past season).  The Sixers current back-up point guard is also a combo guard, but an undersized defensive liability.  I would love to see the Sixers take a shot at this guy to have some size in the back court who can handle the ball, make the right pass, and cover the other team's taller guard if say Jodie Meeks or Bill Green were alongside him.  He wasn't drafted because of a heart issue but if he can put it together, fans of teams who drafted Landry Fields over him may call for their GM's to receive 25 to Life (well that's a little harsh).  Mikhail is slated to play with the Charlotte Bobcats in the Orlando Summer League.

 Art Parakhouski - C, Radford University

This young whipper-snapper was requested by our good pal Court_visioN.  First thing that jumps out about Art (great name) is he's a big dude, plain and simple.  Measuring in at 6'11" and 270 pounds, he can be a big body on the inside to bang around, grab some boards, and block some shots here and there (average 2.1 for Radford last season).  His offensive skills aren't So Bad either.  Art (still love the name) has a knack for establishing good position in the post and finishes regularly around the basket.  He can't yet seem to grasp the idea of having left hand, but he does have a nice little turnaround J from close range.  He's got some form on his jumper to the point where I could see him potentially developing a mid-range game sometime in the future (pick and pop anyone?).  Where he lacks, however, is also where Samhan lacks.  Art isn't exactly the world's best athlete and is fairly slow, limiting his potential to develop effective post moves.  You can watch Art play alongside the Almost Famous Luke Harangody for the Boston Celtics in the Orlando Summer League.

Matt Bouldin - PG/SG, Gonzaga University

Now it's time for me to talk about Matt Bouldin..... psych!  I know, you're currently saying to yourself, "Tanner, I Love the Way You Lie."  What I will do though is direct you towards Mike's NYMPP over at Ridiculous Upside.  You're Never Over reading about these guys so hit the link and keep learning.  Little Matty is playing with the Chicago Bulls in the Vegas Summer League.

Mike Bourn's NYMPP of the one-and-only Matt Bouldin

Well there you have it my currently Untitled friends (or maybe I should call you Ridaz).  I hope you enjoyed (hated) Part II of the UFA series as much as you loved (despised) Session One.  Will Part III happen or will the series be prematurely cancelled like Deadwood?  You'll just have to wait and see.

Note: I did just successfully put the titles of every single song on Eminem's new album Recovery within this post.  Most of them are stretches, but hey, who doesn't love a good stretch?

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