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Evan Turner: The Morning After ...

Last night was one of the weirdest drafts I've been a part of as a sports fan. Most drafts -- no matter the sport -- I'm jacked to see what new player(s) my team will acquire. Last night was a different. The Sixers only had one pick (number two), and Evan Turner was the clear choice. Since the day of the lottery we've been analyzing, discussing and debating the pick, and last night it was simply made official. I wasn't nearly as excited as I should've been considering my team had just drafted "The Villain".

After the pick I eagerly watched the remaining 4 hours, anticipating another Sixers pick -- via trade or purchase. The further my boy Hassan Whiteside fell, the more upset I became, and when the Kings picked him at 33 I was outraged. All the Sixers had to do was shell out a measly two million and they'd have their choice between Daniel Orton and Hassan Whiteside, and they didn't, which is extremely frustrating.

I guess I can't be too upset considering where we were a few months ago -- talking about whether we should pick Cole Aldrich or Greg Monroe at number six. Instead, #MissionWTF was a complete success and we walked out of New York with "The Villain", and some sweet new swag.

Note: We've been breaking it down Turner on the Sixers for the past month. Check the links ...

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