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2010 NBA Draft Open Thread

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This is it. TAFKAMikeBourn and Derek are in New York and should be providing Bucheresque updates. At the time of this post 80% of you want the Sixers to draft Evan Turner -- so do I. After the selection I'll be watching, waiting, and hoping Ed Stefanski works his magic to acquire another pick.

Here are a couple exercises to kick off the thread:

  1. One player do you want the Sixers to take if they acquire another pick?
  2. Sixer you DO NOT want to see traded tonight (besides Turner and Holiday)?
  3. Favorite current Sixer?
  4. If the Sixers draft Evan Turner, would you buy a "Villain" t-shirt?

P.S. Check out the draft central we've collectively put together this season to wet your appetite for tonight.