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Liberty Ballers Composite Mock Draft

First off, thanks to everybody who sent me their mock drafts. We've all compiled a little something here and have completely exposed ourselves to being torn apart. Especially me, for having Brian &#Y$($(@*#$&(* Zoubek as a first-round draft pick. I hate Brian Zoubek. But I think he hates me back equally to get a guaranteed contract. So that's why I put him in. 

Also, by the time you've read this, I assume many more draft pick deals will have been agreed upon. I put the OKC-Miami deal for the 18th overall pick in there, but this will all be moot in a few hours. Regardless, post comments on why you didn't send me your mocks, what you think can change over the next 18 hours, and why Andy Rautins didn't get a first-round nod. 

Click to enlarge. (Somebody say it)


Let this serve as your pre-draft thread until Jordan puts up the Big Poppa. Also, stay tuned on RU for the second part of my Media Day funtime.

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