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'Twas the Day Before Draft Night...

I wrote a piece with a similar title last year, one of my first articles here with no clue what to expect that night, and no indication of the whirlwind of emotions, excitement, and EddieJordanness I would be experiencing the following year. It culminates in the next few days as SBNation and the National Basketball Association (NBA, donchaknow) have generously given me media credentials for both Media Day (today from 12:30-1:30) and the NBA Draft (tomorrow 5-until the janitor kicks me out). This is going to be an amazing experience, one that I'm pumped to share with you guys once it's all in the books. Tanner and I joke about this all the time while sipping hot tea in our multi-million dollar apartment on the Upper East Side, that it's ridiculous how we've stumbled into this (unpaying) gig and get to pretend we're actual reporters.

I'd like to give a big mother of a shot out to Jordan, who gave me the opportunity to start writing here and handle his baby from the East Coast. While we co-manage this blog, it is still definitely Jordan's awkward child with one ear and too much hair for an infant already. I'm like goofy uncle. Tanner and Derek are our quirky next-door neighbors with a propensity for links and sound arguments -- how taboo! Anyway, Thanks Jord -- I'll make you proud, Pops.

Also attending the Draftivities will be representatives from Bullets Forever, Golden State of Mind, Posting and Toasting, and The Dream Shake, so all I have to do is rough up Mike Prada a bit before the draft starts and BAM, we've got John Wall. Seth Rosenthal is gonna help me because he's cool like that. It should be a great time meeting some of these dudes and an even better one interviewing the guys in the Green Room. Tonight I'll come back with some Sixers-related interview quotes (the rest will go to my other home at RU) and the lingering effects of an erection over the day's events, tomorrow morning I'll post the final mock drafts for the blog managers here as well as the community mock I got through e-mails and threatening phone calls, then I'm sure Jordan will put his draft thread up while I'm knee deep in media coverage. Hopefully I'll be around for the thread giving you some Adam Schefter-like rapid updates, and I look forward to sharing it all with you. And you. And you and you and you.

If I don't make it back, assume David Stern has sent me to blogger jail, naturally located in his mother's basement.

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