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User-Voted BIG Board: Months of Drunken Regret

So here it is. The Epilogue, the Grey Havens, the End of Days...whatever you want to call it, this baby is getting put to bed. Now in this instance, the baby is 6 months old, was born premature with FAS, and as parents, we've dropped him on his head give or take 30 times. But hey -- that's why abortion is legal under a year, right? Right?!

Odd birthing references aside, we've got a top 30 here, and while it may not be the 30 we'd choose at this point in the year, it's the one we've got and is to be celebrated. So for all of you who voted for the three dozen prospects we've got assembled in this haphazard way, I salute you. For those of you that didn't, you are not invited to my birthday party (tease: it's in Vegas), but I will happily accept your presents. All action figures, please and thank you.

Let's cut to the quick, shall we?

  1. John Wall - Kentucky
  2. Derrick Favors - Georgia Tech
  3. Wesley Johnson - Syracuse
  4. Cole Aldrich - Kansas 
  5. Xavier Henry - Kansas 
  6. Evan Turner - Ohio State 
  7. Ed Davis - North Carolina
  8. Al-Farouq Aminu - Wake Forest
  9. DeMarcus Cousins - Kentucky
  10. Greg Monroe - Georgetown
  11. Patrick Patterson - Kentucky
  12. Willie Warren - Oklahoma
  13. Stanley Robinson - Connecticut
  14. Damion James - Texas
  15. Solomon Alabi - Florida State
  16. Larry Sanders - VCU
  17. James Anderson - Oklahoma State
  18. Devin Ebanks - West Virginia
  19. Dominique Jones - South Florida
  20. Ekpe Udoh - Baylor 
  21. Quincy Pondexter - Washington
  22. Eric Bledsoe - Kentucky
  23. Gordon Hayward - Butler
  24. Avery Bradley - Texas
  25. Daniel Orton - Kentucky
  26. Paul George - Fresno State
  27. Jordan Crawford - Xavier
  28. Luke Babbitt - Nevada
  29. Gani Lawal - Georgia Tech
  30. Kevin Seraphin - France

You're all xenophobes for voting a Frenchman as last on the Board. All of you! And I blame the Willie Warren pick on Tanner Mahatma Steidel. Unveiling in the next few days will be the composite mock draft along with the managers mocks. So if you still would like to send me your mock drafts please do so! You need not write anything, just some names and numbers. The e-mail's on the page.

Until next year, where we will decidedly have more internationals and less nausea. Cheers to that.

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