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Sixers Off-Season '10: Crowded Depth Chart; More trades?

I intended for this exercise to help me write another story, but decided to turn it into its own post. I was attempting to figure out who would play where and for how many minutes next year, assuming the roster stays the same and Evan Turner is the draft pick. I came to the conclusion that either a) there are more trades to come or b) the Sixers are going to have some very unhappy players on their hands. Follow the jump to see the rough draft of my depth chart.

Iguodala - 39 minutes

Holiday - 35 minutes

Turner - 35 minutes

Brand - 32 minutes

Hawes - 29 minutes

Williams - 22 minutes

Nocioni - 17 minutes

Speights - 16 minutes

Thad - 15 minutes


PG - Holiday (35), Williams (8), Turner (5)

SG - Turner (20), Iguodala (14), Williams (14)

SF - Iguodala (25), Nocioni (13), Turner (10)

PF - Brand (25), Thad (15), Speights (4), Nocioni (4)

C - Hawes (29), Speights (12), Brand (7)

What do you guys think? Who needs more minutes? Less minutes? No Jodie Meeks? No Willie Green?! Here are a few options to clear things up:

  1. Completely bench Nocioni.
  2. Deduct a combination of Elton, Hawes, Speights, and Williams minutes.
  3. Package 2-3 players from this group (Williams, Nocioni, Thad, Speights, Hawes) for a young stud and/or top 15 pick.
Obviously trading a package of players for a top 15 pick is my favorite strategy. Ideally the Sixers would trade Thad and Speights for a top 15 pick, then draft either Babbitt, Henry or George, and select Favors at number 2. Then you have a potential future starting five of (ages in parenthesis): 

PG - Holiday (19)
SG - Iguodala (26)
SF - Babbitt (20)
PF - Favors (18)
C - Hawes (22)

Most hypotheticals like this are complete useless, and pure fantasy, but fun nonetheless. Feel free to make suggestions.

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