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BIG Board #32: Getting Ridiculous

I like him for his high shorts.
I like him for his high shorts.

So finally, we have reached the end of the BIG Board. It's been a trip, guys. I'd go so far as to say it's been a trip and a half. There's still a bunch of mysteries on the Board, but at least now we'll know for next year not to start the Board in December. I enjoy my own short-sightedness and encourage ya'll do to the same.

A big congratulations goes out to Gani Lawal, who had been on the Board since steroids were cool, and finally nailed in the 29th spot. The remaining three guys have all gotten first round considerations and could be difference makers immediately for an NBA franchise. Who gets the last spot? Vote 'er up and tune in to find out.

Also, send your mock drafts to my email address located at both the left side and bottom of the page. You won't regret it, unless I verbally abuse you for a stupid pick. STUPID! I wouldn't do that. Scout's honor. I'll compile them into a nice little pdf and put it up on the site like those Yahoo! guys! do! Until that day comes, keep your ear to the grindstone.

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