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BREAKING: Sixers trade Dalembert to Kings for Hawes and Nocioni

Chad Ford Twitter.

More to come when we hear the details. Wow, did not expect this.

h/t Jemagee

UPDATE 2:17: Chad's Article on ESPN.

Does this mean we're leaning more towards Favors or Turner? I really don't know, especially since Hawes is still young, I would think more towards Turner, but this may just throw a wrench in there somewhere. I think I like the deal, but two years of Nocioni's contract scares me a bit. Maybe this moves 'Dre to the 2 and Nocioni as the starting 3 who can shoot? I'm really just thinking out loud here. Holy crap.

UPDATE 2:27: I'm still not sure how I'm feeling. The early reactions of this are less than favorable because of Sam's expiring and Nocioni's 2nd year and third option. If Collins is intent on rebuilding from the ground up, then we may have our future center. But we may be setting up for trading Iguodala also. Need a lunch break to collect my thoughts. Be back later. Discuss.

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