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Who's Your Second Round Pipe dream?

This is a nice, deep draft with plenty of talent from 15-40 that are relatively interchangeable depending on need. As of right now, the Sixers have no second round pick.  You can thank Jodie Meeks for that.  Or thank whomever you want, but it's mostly attributed to the Jodiac Killer.  I'm still wondering what happened to the "future considerations" we received from Utah in the Kyrylo Fesenko deal -- I'd bet both teams are just hoping people forget about it. I want my second rounder Mormons!

So in this edition of the Jordan Sams-created updated version of Pimp your Prospect, talk about who you'd want if we picked up a late first or second next Thursday night. My candidate would be Craig Brackins, 6'10 PF from Iowa State. If he left last year he's a lottery pick, but he decided to hang around until his junior year to work on some things. It didn't pan out as well as he would've hoped, and is now a late first, early second round option.  He started to play under teammates Marquis Gilstrap and Diante Garrett and shot a very poor percentage from the field as a big man (42%). But he's got a boatload of talent and could provide great value later on if we can scoop him up.

Plus he's got a fohawk sometimes.

Keep your pimp hand strong and voice your second round dream pick. And Tanner, Greivis Vasquez is off-limits to you.

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