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SBNation Philly Launch Party

Click here to RSVP.

SBNation Philly launches next week which should be a doozy for all you Philadelphia sports fans. Check out SBNation DC and SBNation Boston for references on what you should expect from SBNation Philly. 

(For more info on SBNation's regional roll-out, read about it here: The New York TimesHarvard Journalism LabDan ShanoffPR Newswire, &

From JasonB @ BGN:

The folks at SBNation are throwing a kickoff party 

Tuesday, June 22nd 
from 5:00 - 8:00 PM
 at The Field House. The Field House is at 1150 Filbert St. in Philadelphia. They've got a bunch of drink and food specials for us, so we should have a great time.

Unfortunately I won't be attending, but rumor has it John will be dressed up as Santa, giving out free hugs. If you have the time you guys should hit it up. It's a great chance to meet all the people who work hard on the sites you read, and the commenters you interact with on a daily basis. Plus there's food! And drinks!

Liberty Ballers, represent!

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