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BIG Board #31: What happened to 30? Also, an Announcement

Luke Babbitt takes the 30-spot, which is actually 28. I've decided that instead of going back and changing anything, I'll do a Cumulative Reader Mock Draft. So if you want to put together your own Mocktacular, send it to me at with the subject "Liberty Ballers" (or something more clever) and I'll put 'er together. Give me the name you post with so I know who's writing me love notes (i.e. jemagee - John Ethel Magee, or something to that effect).

I'm doing this mostly because I don't want our readership to be known around SBNation as the people who put Cole Aldrich over Evan Turner on our Board. That ain't us. We were (mostly) young and stupid. So send some mocks my way and we'll put that next to this Big Board, the Blog Lord Big Board, as well as the Blogger community mock which Derek, Tanner, Jordan and I will put together in the coming week or two. Excited? Me too.

Remaining on the ballot for the 31st 29th spot are some definitely draftable guys with a few first round promises. Treat them nicely. Gani Lawal has been on the ballot for over a year. One more vote, kids. So much more to come.

Viva Liberty Ballers.

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