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Will the Sixers Pass on Evan Turner?

Per David Aldridge:

a source says that less than a week before the June 24 Draft, the Sixers have tentatively scheduled a workout in Philly that will feature Kentucky center DeMarcus Cousins and Georgia Tech forward Derrick Favors, the top two big man prospects in the Draft.

The question that came to my head right when I read this is "What is the need for these workouts so close to the draft if the Sixers are sold on taking Turner?" It could be all smoke and mirrors nonsense that happens during the pre-draft process but we've heard whispers before that it might not be Turner the Sixers use with their selection, this just making the whispers a slight mumble.

This is just the thing I fear the most come draft day. They bring in two guys that are not projected to be selected by the team, tear it up in a workout, and cause the team to have further discussions about possibly changing who they would pick. This is a better situation for this to occur compared to instead of being sold on Paul George, working out Solomon Alabi and Stanley Robinson. Favors and Cousins could become all-stars and forces to be reckoned with on the inside.

More evidence that it could be Favors, not Turner:

Chris (Doug's son and the associate head coach at Duke) is a big Derrick Favors fan. And Doug is going to hire Michael Curry as an assistant, and Michael is a big Favors fan.

Saying that someone is a "big fan" of a player doesn't really say much into who they like best as a selection. I'm a big Favors fan myself, but I'd take Turner or Wall over him in a heartbeat. Hell, I'm the biggest Paul George fan on the planet but it doesn't mean I'd take him with the Sixers selection. If the source said Collins (the younger one) and Curry were higher on Favors than any other player, then yes, I would put some stock into that.

I'm completely, 100% sold on taking Turner right now, assuming the Wizards select John Wall with their pick. Would I be overly disappointed if Derrick Favors was our hope for Rookie of the Year next season? In one word: notparticularly.

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