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BIG Board #27

Huge turnout (huge for the big board at least) for #26 voting which saw Avery Bradley finally nail down a spot with 31 of the 87 votes cast. Forget the small talk, let's get to the nitty gritty (me and Mike, two months, Trump Atlantic City). Fresh Prince and Jazzy Jeff songs aside, hopping on board this time around will be Frenchman and 2nd rated international prospect since Jan Vesely bailed, Kevin Seraphin.

With foreign guys, it's tough to see anything for yourself (cuz they're, ya know, foreign and all) so I've been deferring to Draft Express wiz, Derek Bodner cohort, and basketball inventor Jonathan Givony for all my Seraphin needs. Here's some snippets (not snipples) of what the DX boys have said about the 6'9 20 year old.

We’re talking about a chiseled athlete with good hands and explosive leaping ability, extremely quick off his feet and very agile as well, which shows up most notably in his ability to finish on the pick and roll.


It is very difficult for defenses at this level to prevent him from making a strong move at the rim, due to the extreme physical advantages he enjoys. Combine that with his improving ability to gain position in the post, as well as show some intriguing spin moves and jump hooks, and we’re talking about a pretty interesting prospect.

Defensively and Reboundsively...

He shows a decent effort and nice toughness, but it would be nice to see him turn up the intensity level from time to time another notch. The 5.7 rebounds he averaged wasn’t bad for the minutes he averaged, but is still another aspect where he can improve on in a major way. He has to start boxing out his match-up better and pursue loose balls with more desire. As it is, he can be quite a presence in this area, particularly on the offensive glass.

Basically, kid's got some upside. Whether or not it is ridiculous remains to be seen. But he's a guy to keep an eye on. Or two, since people generally see better with both eyes open, unless you're a pirate.

Finally, here's a short video with some lovely 1980's box wipes and people speaking what I can only presume is gibberish:

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