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Update 5/17: Last chance for this ... Remember, only one entry per person.


Here's a chance for you guys to win some more free stuff from, and a cool contest to participate in, if I do say so myself. In case you don't know ...

Over the next few weeks Liberty Ballers readers will be able to compete in a number of contests. All you have to do is follow the provided links, come back here and leave your answers in the comments section. We'll pick the winners at random and will send you prizing ranging from pens to hoodies to yo-yos and everything in between.

... now you know.

Before I unleash the contest, I'd like to give each and every one of you a virtual slap on the wrist (except TK) for not participating in the first contest. This is free stuff we're talking about guys. Just do it. 

Predict the Lottery

Your mission is pretty simple. Correctly predict this months draft lottery. The person who gets the most number of teams/spots correct (out of 14) wins. In the event of a tie, the person who got the most picks in the top three correct wins. If the first tie-breaker isn't enough, the person who correctly predicted the Sixers pick wins. If we still don't have a winner after two tie-breakers we'll flip a coin (and I'll videotape it).

1. If jsams wins, the prize will go to the next highest scorer.

2. One entry per person.

3. Leave your predictions in the comments.

Winners will be picked from the responses given in the comments and be provided with some great gear courtesy of our friends at

Official contest rules

Off you go!

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