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Sixers' Coaching Power Rankings and Big Board V.2

I complied version one the coaching power rankings and big board a week ago, and thought it was time for an update. We've had one candidate emerge, two interview, one bail, one emerge then bail, and one say some smart things. See how all this affects the Big Board and Power Rankings after the jump ...

Power Rankings:

1. Larry Brown - The Larry Brown rumor mill has been surprisingly quiet lately, but he's still my favorite for the job.

2. Doug Collins - Doug was the first coach to interview, and Stefanski said some pleasant things about him, but things might get a little dicey now that the Bulls coaching job is available.

3. Dwane Casey - Dwane hasn't interviewed yet, but the Sixers interviewed him twice last off-season and he was reportedly Stefanski's second choice, behind Eddie Jordan.

4. Avery Johnson - Avery interviewed on Monday and -- as Tanner pointed out -- Stefanski's reaction wasn't exactly reassuring: "His reputation as a motivator and accomplishments as a head coach in the NBA are well known and I certainly want to thank him for taking the time to meet with us". Most people believe Avery will sign with the Hornets if they make him an offer.

5. Monty Williams - Williams is the coach I suggested in my Blueprint for Success, and now the Sixers plan on interviewing him. Monty is 38, served as an assistant with the Blazers for the past 5 years, and filled in for an injured Nate McMillan for a handful of games this year. Other than that, he has no head coaching experience.


Tom Thibodeau - Same as last week.

Jay Wright - Same as last week.

Mike Budenholzer - 39 years old, 14 years as a Spurs assistant, 4 rings, coolest nickname.

Mike Fratello - Same as last week.

Sam Mitchell - Sam said some smart things about the Sixers and their roster this week.

Mike Woodson - During Bill Simmons latest podcast, Bucher basically said that Joe Johnson and Josh Smith have zero respect for Woody. His team was just destroyed by the Magic in game 1 of their playoff series, and afterward he said, "We just didn't make shots". People think he's a good coach cause he's been to the playoffs three straight years. Sound familiar? Eddie Jordan 2.0!

Big Board:

Coach Rank
Mike Budenholzer 1
Dwane Casey 2
Tom Thibodeau 3
Sam Mitchell 4
Monty Williams 5
Larry Brown 6
Avery Johnson 7
Doug Collins 8
Jay Wright 9
Mike Fratello 10

Mike Woodson 11

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