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Cinco de Linko

Esta oración es escrita en español en honor a las vacaciones hoy. Después de que lea esto, vaya la bebida alguna Corona y el Tequila.

The countdown to the draft lottery is now under 2 weeks.  Yes, you guessed it folks, just 13 days until we officially find out that John Wall will become the newest member of our most awesomest team on the planet!  As Jordan posted earlier, it looks like Jrue Holiday will be the representative at the lottery.  Get the cameraman ready, because as John pointed out there will be an epic opportunity to catch Jrue's reaction if the Sixers do receive the coveted number 1 spot.

Hit up them links to get some knowledge bombs dropped on you.  Ka-boom! 

Sixers Read Jordan's Blueprint for Success, Add Monty Williams to List

The 76ers, widening their search for a new coach, are planning an interview with Portland Trail Blazers assistant Monty Williams, according to a source with knowledge of the situation. They have not officially scheduled a meeting, in part because they have yet to get permission from the Blazers.

"These opportunities are pretty cool," he told Portland's Oregonian, "but at the same time I try to approach them as I do coaching; never get too high or never get too low. Because I'm still a Blazer, and I'm preparing myself for whatever ways I can help this organization get better."

61.4% of Big Sixers Fans Dissatisfied with Ed Snider

Added Peter Luukko, the chief operating officer of parent company Comcast-Spectacor: "No matter how much success the Sixers might have, Ed will always be viewed as a Flyers guy. That's understandable, because he's been the only face of the team; he has such a history with them. But, this year, we've both worked much harder on the Sixers."

Snider believes the growing lack of interest is more a result of the product being offered. The Sixers have had a total of 10 sellouts in the last four seasons (add one for the nostalgia game last season at the Spectrum).

"This year we took a giant step backward [with the Sixers]," Snider said. "I'm evaluating why, and I'm not through evaluating. We'll work our butts off to turn it around. We feel we have the ingredients [to be better]. We don't feel as if it's hopeless."

Brian at 'Depressed Fan' Makes a Case for Multi-Positional Players

The next time you take a look at the draft, keep in mind the multi-dimensional players on the teams who are still playing meaningful basketball. In today's NBA, especially when you're talking about a lottery pick, I don't think you can simply ask "Can this guy play the position in the NBA," you have to look for the guys who can play that position and more. A small forward who can rebound. A PF who blocks shots. A SG who can guard threes. Extreme specialization is dying a slow death.

On the defensive end, they (Iguodala and Holiday) can cover multiple positions and do it well. They both rebound very well for their positions. Iguodala can handle the ball and distribute like a PG when it's needed. I'm not sure anyone else on the roster is really versatile.

Sixers Make Pat Croce 'Nauseous'

It got so bad that the Rum Barrel brought down the Sixers banner — owner’s decision. "I don’t even hang the flag out. It’s embarrassing," Croce said during a recent interview. "The place is packed with Philly fans. We’re proud of our sports teams. And the saddest thing is the complacency (about the Sixers). No one cares."

"It’s tough to watch in two ways," Croce said. "First, as a fan, you’re angry. And as far as someone who worked to resurrect the brand, you’re nauseous." "We were relevant. There were people getting Sixers tattoos, hanging flags. Now people don’t want anything to do with the team."

Completely Un-Sixer-Related News of the Day: Kobe and His Odd Photos Sneak Into Others (Including "The Wire")

My favorites from this slideshow: Kobe as Brother Mouzone, Kobe as Stanley Ipkiss aka The Mask, and Kobe as Clayton Bigsby.

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