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Beamer, Link, or Bentley

Hit the club, ordered bottles, see the sparks in the sky.  We will have this blog lookin like the 4th of July.

It's time to get to that linkage on this beautiful Tuesday (well, it's beautiful here in Maryland at least).  It's all about coaching yet again today and probably will be for the near foreseeable future with the playoffs going on.  It appears the Sixers are going to wait until the playoffs are over, or at least until all of their possible candidates are out of the postseason.

I couldn't find the video of this but did anyone happen to see the TNT halftime show during the Cavs/Celtics match-up last night?  They did the "Ask Chuck" segment and the question came from Chris Paul who was in the studio as a guest analyst.  He asked Charles who he felt the top 3 point guards in the league were.  Charles said Deron Williams was his number one and CP3 just had a huge smile on his face, stared down Charles, and didn't say a word for the rest of the segment (he'll remember that next season - believe you me).  Not to read between the lines or anything, but I fear for opponents next year when it comes to stopping containing CP3.

Yes that had nothing to do with the Sixers but I found it interesting nonetheless.  LOST is back tonight.  Link it baby!

Sixers Interview Avery Johnson

The 76ers conducted a second formal interview for their coaching vacancy Monday, meeting with Avery Johnson in Houston.

Joining Stefanski for the interview were assistant general manager Tony DiLeo and team consultant Gene Shue. Luukko said that having several people involved in the coaching search should not be seen as a reflection on the job status of Stefanski, who is looking for his second coach in as many years.

"His reputation as a motivator and accomplishments as a head coach in the NBA are well known and I certainly want to thank him for taking the time to meet with us," Stefanski said in a news release.  

That line from Edward pretty much seals it for me that Johnson will not be the Sixers next Jacob (sorry non-LOST watchers).

Mark Jackson Next on the List; Other Candidates

A source told the Daily News on Sunday that Stefanski is scheduling a meeting with former NBA player and current ESPN analyst Mark Jackson.

Other possibilities to be interviewed still include Boston Celtics associate coach Tom Thibodeau, San Antonio Spurs assistant Mike Budenholzer, former Toronto Raptor coach Sam Mitchell and NBA television analysts Mike Fratello.

Speights Claims He Will Work Hard During Offseason

"I’m going to work really hard this off-season to get my legs back together for next season," said Speights. "I’ll be in the gym a lot in the upcoming months."

"You always get excited when there’s an opportunity for a new start," said Speights. "Obviously we have one here in Philly now that coach Jordan is gone. So I’m excited just to see who we get so we can get a plan together for next season."

Ed Stefanski Defends Iverson Move; Research Says Most Fans Agree

According to a Daily News survey conducted by Temple University's Sport Industry Research Center, 65 percent of respondents who indicated the Sixers are their favorite team in the city said bringing back Iverson was the right move. For 27 percent, it was the wrong move, and 8 percent were not sure.

"The impact he had on the locker room, the spark he provided, playing good basketball and the way he blended in was good for the team," Stefanski said. "When he got here, he was terrific. People ask me all the time if I would do it again. I tell them I would in a second. He was good for our team, and no one's career got thrown down while he was here."

"We needed someone to replace Lou, and no one out there came close to the name of Allen Iverson from a basketball standpoint," Stefanski said. "No one can deny that he was good for this team when he was here," Stefanski said. 

"We needed a spark. Lou was playing very well when he got hurt. He was scoring the ball, and we had to get someone in who could do that. The whole time he was here, we had zero problems with Allen."

Completely Un-Sixer-Related News of the Day: Kobe? Really?

I'm at a loss for words when it comes to this photoshoot...

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