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BIG Board #26

So I'm up early because for whatever odd reason, my shoulder is killing me, and I figured what better way to ease the pain than rub some cocoa butter on my body and get to the next edition of the Big Board? That's right, there is no better way.

Hordon Gayward/Carry on my Gayward Son Good ol' Gordy rode the lightning of his Tournament success to #25, but it's now time to get some of these dudes off the list. So let's make it happen. Coming to the party will be Dook transfer and Memphis standout Elliot Williams. With a very lackluster supporting cast in John Cal's first year away from the Tigers, EW shouldered (still hurts) a ton of the offensive load, and performed admirably.

What surprised me the most about Elliot this season was his ball-handling and court vision. I saw him more as a DeMarcus Nelson type at Duke (before he transferred to Memphis to be with his ailing mother), but he put up 3.8 assists for a team he managed to keep out of the dregs of the C-USA. Willie Kemp started at point, but in crucial situations it was up to Elliot to create for himself and his teammates. With this in mind, due to his increased handling, he did turn the ball over too much at 3 times a game, but when he goes back to his natural position, it shouldn't be an issue. He hit 1.8 three's per at a 37% clip, in addition to his SG-respectable 46% from the field. One of the prettiest lefty jumpers in the nation, Elliot put it on display against Southern Miss in January to the tune of 8-12 from deep and 33 points.

Onto the bad news. Elliot has absolutely no right hand. None. It may as well be cut off because its just sagging there like an odd third breast. In the conference tourney, when Memphis surprisingly had a shot to sneak in to the big dance with a couple wins, Tulsa's Ben Uzoh and Justin Hurtt shut Elliot completely down, denying his left hand and rendering him relatively ineffective. That's something he's definitely gonna need to work on if he's going to have any sort of consistency in the NBA. Also, his rebounding is far from spectacular, not having the lift or the strength to battle down low regularly. On defense, he's average but can get hurt by bigger guys taking him into the paint, although his length helps him recover a bit.

That being said, he's a high-character shooting guard with a jump shot and a better game than Willie Green and Jodie Meeks, so if we can pick up a late first/early second, he's a guy that could be worth smelling. And he wears a tight undershirt under his jersey -- what other criteria do you need? Vote on.

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