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Ford: Evan Turner's Official Athletic Testing Results

Chad Ford tweets ...

Wall's numbers were great: 39 inch vert, 10.84 lane agility, 3.14 3/4 sprint. Turner? 34.5 inch vert, 11.06 lane agility, 3.27 3/4 sprint

Comparing his numbers to past players after the jump ...

Here are some comparable max verticals for Turner's 34.5:

Wade - 35 inches

Iguodala - 34.5 inches

Jrue - 34 inches

Tyreke - 34 inches

Note: Turner should be fine with a 34-inch max vertical. 


Comparable lane agility to Turner's 11.06:

OJ Mayo - 11.04

Westbrook - 10.98

Redick - 10.94

Note: I'm not as excited about Turner's lane agility as I am his vertical, but he did fair better than both Roy (11.13) and Iguodala (11.17). 


Comparable sprint times to Turner's 3.27:

Caron Butler - 3.33

JJ Redick - 3.29

Brandon Roy - 3.27

Luke Jackson - 3.24

Note: Impressive isn't the word you would use to describe Turner's sprint time, but it's nothing to be too upset about.


As expected, Turner wasn't the greatest athlete at the combine, but his results were right in line with the guy he's being compared to most - Brandon Roy. If he can continue to validate the Roy-comparison, he'll be just fine.

Thoughts? I'll have the full results posted as soon as Chad Ford posts them.

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