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BIG Board #29

Not much time today before work but I felt bad not putting up one of these in a while especially since we're so close. Paulio Georgio took 28 about 28 votes too late, but it's okay, I'll forgive you guys once we have the re-vote.

Coming on BOARD today is none other than theguywhodunkedonlebron Jordan Crawford. I've liked him ever since he was a freshman on the Indiana Kelvin Sampson team (you have to whisper otherwise the NCAA cracks down), and after transferring to Xavier Henry, his stock has surprisingly gone up even more. With a nice jump shot, slashing ability and only a 4.9% body fat, Crawford has a shot to go late first and make a good team happy right away.

He's also got that t-shirt under the jersey look down pat. The only concern is that he's not as valuable on a team where he's not the focal point because he was so used to playing with the ball in his hands (stop it) and he'll be forced to play off the ball as a 2-guard in the Bigs. Plus he's an A-10 guy so show him some love.

Short one today boys, I gotta shave before work so my bosses don't think I've hit puberty yet, God forbid. Vote it up, Break it down.

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