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Doug Collins Press Conference Open Thread

From Sixers Twitter:

Doug Collins and Ed Stefanski to hold press conference today at 12:00 PM. Live Video Coverage:

See what the newly crowned Coach Collins has to say about this roster, what he thinks of the number two pick, what his plan is with this team, and what he thought of last night's LOST finale.  We can all read the between the lines on everything he says and nitpick like it's our job.  

I know I'm looking forward to what his goals are with this team.  The one thing I want to hear without a doubt; some type of excitement that they get to select number 2 overall come June.  I do not want this pick traded and hearing some type of assurance that they will use the pick would be nice.  It probably won't happen but you got to keep the faith.

Press conference begins at 12:00 PM EST on the Sixers website.  I'm not sure if it's on TV at all in the Philadelphia area so if somebody could post in the comments if it is or isn't that would be fantabulous.  If not, watch on the interweb, and join us in discussion regarding Coach Doug Collins.

Catch the entire press conference video after the jump.


Update 3:24 PM EST:

Here's the press conference video in full for those who missed the live showing at noon today.

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