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Coaching search just about over?

When asked last night for a status update on the coaching search, Stefanski had this to say:

"We've interviewed 7 people, we've narrowed down our search and we're now deciding if we want to bring people in for a second interview or if we want to select a person out of that group."

What do I glean from this?

  1. Anyone not interviewed isn't going to be.  Hope you're not in the Mike Budenholzer or Tom Thibodeau camp.
  2. The fact that he even mentioned just selecting a person out of that group rather than go back to second round interviews makes me believe Stefanski has already made up his mind, and that someone would have to blow Stefanski away in the second round of interviews (if they happen) to change his mind.
To me, this likely means that the rumors of Doug Collins hire being imminent may be true.

One final note, outside of the previous mention that Collins, Johnson and Mitchell are getting second round interviews, I heard chatter that they may be interested in talking with Monty Williams again .  That being said, I'm of the belief that this is Collins' job to lose.

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