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Sixers Draft '10: 2nd Pick Brings Questions

The Sixers have the number 2 pick. I'm still in shock. There are many things to cover in the coming weeks, but here are a few questions to wet your appetite in the meantime:

Will the Wizards pass on Wall?

Will the Sixers take Turner, Favors, or Cousins?

Will the Sixers trade the pick?

What does this mean for Andre Iguodala?

What does this mean - if anything - for the ongoing coaching search?

Will Ed Stefanski remain the GM?

Answer these questions in the comments, and vote in the poll. I'm going to get some fresh air, gather myself, come back and delve into some of these questions and debates. Tanner and Derek should also have some content from the Lottery soon.

Keep it civil.

And celebrate the number 2 pick!!!

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