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Collins, Johnson, and Mitchell to be given second interviews

"This cake is as delicious as a Jrue Holiday three point swish." -- Sam Mitchell
"This cake is as delicious as a Jrue Holiday three point swish." -- Sam Mitchell

Per Phil "The Thrill" Jasner and Bob "Roller Coaster Ty" Cooney

The 76ers, being as careful and as judicious as possible in their search for a new coach, are preparing to offer second interviews to Doug Collins, Avery Johnson and possibly Sam Mitchell, according to a source familiar with the situation.

The source also mentioned that Portland Trail Blazers assistant Monty Williams remains a wild-card possibility.

Who may the leading candidate you ask?

The source indicated that Collins, currently a TNT analyst, has emerged as the front-runner, but that management wants to be as thorough as possible in deciding on a successor to the fired Eddie Jordan.

Avery Johnson keeps garnering the most praise from the fan polls here at LB so a majority of you guys/girl should be happy.  I'm still not sold on Johnson due to his suspect playoff record and inability to adjust to situations.  He also thinks (or thought) Lou Williams is (was) a starting point guard caliber player.

I'm most excited about Sammy Mitchell reportedly being asked back for Round 2.  He knows the strengths and weaknesses (psshh, this team doesn't have weaknesses) of this squad and sounds like he'll tailor the gameplan and strategy towards taking advantage of everything he's got.  

Doug Collins? Bleh.

No Budenholzer?  No Turner?  No "Thunder" Dan?  Yay retreads!

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