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Sixers' Draft Profiles: Patrick Patterson

*FYI these are ESPN's rankings, not mine. My personal rankings, along with Derek, Mike, and Tanner's can be found here.

#1 - John Wall  

#2 - Evan Turner

#3 - Derrick Favors

#4 - DeMarcus Cousins

#5 - Wesley Johnson

#6 - Al-Farouq Aminu

#7 - Ed Davis

#8 - Cole Aldrich

#9 - Greg Monroe

#10 - Daniel Orton

#11 - Ekpe Udoh

#12 - Hassan Whiteside

#13 - Donatas Motiejunas

#14 - Patrick Patterson


The last prospect profile I'll do prior to the draft lottery, Patrick Patterson! I hope this series has helped form educated opinions on who the Sixers should and shouldn't take. It's definitely educated me. Make the jump ...

Scouting Reports


Can make the spot up jumper.

Patterson has become a very legitimate perimeter shooting option as his 41% 3-point conversion rate would indicate, which is a very significant development considering the role most power forwards are asked to play in today's NBA. Patterson sports smooth, consistent mechanics with his flat-footed shooting stroke, even if he's almost strictly a wide-open, catch and shoot type with his feet set, as he's yet to hit a single off the dribble jumper on the season according to SST. 

Good teammate, good glue-guy.

He almost never turns the ball over (committing about one per game) and rarely takes a bad shot, understanding his role in Kentucky's offense and executing it extremely well, even though he's gradually been forced to defer more and more to ultra-talented freshman center DeMarcus Cousins, something you'll never see him complain about.

His offense is limited to spot up J's and finishes around the rim.

Where Patterson needs to improve is with his ball-handling skills, as you rarely see him facing up from the perimeter, creating his own shot and taking his man off the dribble, being mostly relegated to straight-line drives with his right hand, looking somewhat of out control even on these simple and infrequent attempts.

Average perimeter defender in college.

Patterson seems to put a solid effort in on the perimeter, but his lateral quickness, average awareness and occasional hesitation to aggressively body up his matchup makes him a bit less effective than he should be.

Not the greatest post defender, but finds a way to get it done at the college level.

In the post, Patterson suffers from some of the same issues, not always showing the best awareness and lacking a degree of physicality, but ultimately being fairly effective.

Terrible defensive rebounder.

One area where Patterson is bafflingly poor is on the defensive glass, ranking amongst the worst at his position in that category amongst likely draft prospects, which is disappointing to say the least.


Not much star-potential.

He's shown the makings of being a solid NBA big man prospect, but never superstar potential.

Patrick Patterson on Twitter



DX: Best case - Carl Landry 

Worst case - Kris Humphries - Buck Williams


Patrick Patterson eating a booger 

Patrick Patterson "beast dunk"

My take:

Patrick Patterson will be a solid NBA role player, and not much else. A "glue-guy" with no upside or star potential isn't exactly what I'm looking for from where the Sixers are drafting. 'Nuff said.

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