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Sixers' Coaching Search: Elston Turner to be interviewed

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Hours after the report came out that "the Sixers' next head coach will come from the aforementioned list of already-interviewed candidates", a new candidate is set to interview.

The 76ers will interview their seventh candidate for the vacant coaching position tomorrow.

A source told the Daily News that Houston Rockets assistant Elston Turner will come to Philadelphia to discuss the vacancy

Link: Sixerville

I'm glad the report implying the Sixers were done interviewing candidates was wrong, and it looks like the team will continue to interview assistants. I still predict we have a new coach and GM within the next month, and one of them will be named Larry. 

As for Turner, he's spent most of his coaching career as Rick Adelman's assistant. I'm sure he's picked up a lot of Adelman's habits -- good and bad -- but he's yet to become a head coach. He's 51 years old, and here's a brief bio on Turner via

He's not my favorite candidate, but I wouldn't be totally upset if the Sixers hired Turner. I like him better than Doug Collins; that's for sure.