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Larry Brown still undecided

A couple of interesting tidbits from FanHouse:

"I said after the season that I was going to visit with my family and figure out what direction I wanted to go in," he said. "I've got a 15-year-old son, a daughter who's 13. They're in Philly and I'm in Charlotte and it's been tough being away from them. I miss them, and I don't want them to grow up not having me."

That being said, he claims to have had no contact with the 76ers:

"I haven't talked to anybody," Brown said. "The only person I talked to is (Bobcats owner) Michael (Jordan). I basically told him what I told you. I love my job. I love working for him. But I'm just having a real difficult time being away from my family. ... I'm going to sit down with (his wife) Shelly, to talk to her and my family."

More reports that Ed Snider is only interested in Brown as a coach:

While the family matters are a significant aspect of Brown's deliberations, Philadelphia's lack of interest in Brown taking over for Ed Stefanski as team president is playing a part as well. Three sources with knowledge of the Sixers' thinking said that while Comcast CEO Ed Snider has considered firing Stefanski and even looked into at least one replacement candidate, he has no interest in the prospect of Brown filling that role and only wanted him as a coach. 

FanHouse believes Brown coaching the Sixers is unlikely:

By all appearances, Stefanski -- who is in the midst of an extensive coaching search after the firing of Eddie Jordan -- will remain. And Brown, who has said repeatedly that he will not coach for anyone other than Michael Jordan, won't likely be joining him. 

Can the Larry Brown situation finally be put to rest?  I won't believe it until someone else is signed on to be the coach.


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