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OperationWTF - Day 12

Day 12 of our draft lottery experiment after the jump. Will the "Rule of Aminu" continue? Will John Wall grace us with his presence? Will John complain about "the jump" not being used enough? Will TAFKA now be referred to as Benedict Bourn 'round these parts? Find out after the jump!

This is American Idol!

19 days till the lottery ...

Here's the scenario ESPN's Draft Lottery simulator spit out at me today:


7th pick and Cole Aldrich? The Worldwide Leader has updated its lottery system I see, and the Sixers got screwed. Cole Aldrich is my worst case scenario. I didn't go through an entire season rooting for losses so I could watch Cole Aldrich in a Sixers uniform -- not when there's way more potential on the board. When it comes to Aldrich, just say no.


According to DX's rankings, these are the guys who'd be available to the Sixers at 6: Aldirch, Davis, Johnson, Udoh, and Patterson. Wesley Johnson, please.


Simulation #1: 6th pick, Aminu

Simulation #2: 7th pick, Aminu 

Simulation #3: 3rd pick, Cousins

Simulation #4: 6th pick, Aminu

Simulation #5: 7th pick, Aminu

Simulation #6: 2nd pick, Turner

Simulation #7: 7th pick, Aminu

Simulation #8: 6th pick, Aminu

Simulation #9: 7th pick, Davis

Simulation #10: 6th pick, Aminu

Simulation #11: 6th pick, Aminu

Simulation #12: 7th pick, Aldrich

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