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Early Entry Link Puke

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I felt like doing this, and in honor of no Grey's Anatomy this week, I'll brighten up your night (?) with a few poorly advised young adults leaving college early for the NBA Draft or the Korean Basketball League.  Just to be clear, players have until May 8th to pull out (giggle), unless they've already signed an agent (or came). Let's get it started. Sound good, Pink?

Avery Bradley Jets After His Freshman Season

"I will continue to go to class and complete the spring semester here at Texas," Bradley said. "I will schedule workouts with different NBA teams over the next month around my class schedule."

But over the Longhorns' 7-10 slide to finish the season, Bradley shot just 32 percent and was only 38.9 percent from the floor.

POY Evan Turner's Soul-Searching Didn't Take As Long As He Thought

"The past few weeks have been really hard for me," Turner said.  "I've been agonizing on my decision due to the simple fact about how much I love The Ohio State University.  I love being a Buckeye.  I love my coaches and being a kid and the opportunity to do everything I've always dreamed of."

Whiteside is Stupid, Must Turn to Making Millions

"It's always been my dream to play in the NBA. I've wanted to do it since I was little."

It's hard to imagine Hassan Whiteside being little.

Aussie Ogilvy Heads to NBA....Two Years Late

"A.J. has been instrumental in our two NCAA Tournament berths in the last three years," [said Coach Kevin Stallings]

Thanks Coach, how's losing to 13 seeds Murray State and Siena in the first round?  My bracket thanks you, AJ. New Zealand rocks.

Penn State Basketball Gets Even Less Exciting, Bye-Bye Battle

"I'm looking forward to going and working out for some teams around the country and competing against the top players in the country and see where I stand"

Willie Warren is a Punk-Ass B and a 2nd Round Pick

"This was a stressful decision and one that I've been stuck in the middle on for a little while," Warren said. "I didn't like how things went this year with my injury and everything, but I also feel like I have the skills to take the next step."

I Guarantee I'm the Only One Reading This Who Knows What Team Adnan Hodzic Played For

I am grateful for my teammates at Lipscomb and I hope this process makes Lipscomb an even better program

It's Lipscomb.

Still, Nobody Enjoys Lance Stephenson's Company

"It's not a disappointment thing. It just wasn't my time. I want to be a spectacular (NBA) player, not average."

Add those dudes to the 5 Kentucky Kids, Dayton's Chris Wright, Xavier's Jordan Crawford, and Kansas's Xavier Henry (still wish he went to Xavier), and you've got quite an interesting list so far.  Here's's handy-dandy notebook Player Entry Page with some more guys I didn't mention.

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