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Sixers @ Heat game thread

Two things tonight:

  1. A potential Wade v. Holiday match-up.
  2. Lottery Standings.
The Sixers need a loss tonight, and probably need to lose out to guarantee no lower than the 7th worst record, and/or have a chance at the 5th or 6th. A road game against a playoff team and one of the top-5 players in the NBA seems like an automatic loss, but don't make the same mistake we did with the Bucks and Hawks games last month. Don't use the word lock. Don't guarantee a loss. And don't laugh at people who predict a Sixers win - like me.

Prediction: Sixers by 6, unfortunately.

Peninsula is Mightier


Notable games:

Knicks @ Pacers

Wizards @ Magic

Hawks @ Pistons

Warriors @ Wolves

Blazers @ Clippers

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