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Oh-HO! Pistons Beat Sixers, Balls Keep Bouncing!

And you guys said there was no chance we'd lose to Detroit.  Giving up 124 points? Well....with Eddie Jordan...ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!!!

First let's talk about the post-game interviews.  Dei Lynam was all up in the grillz of Samuel Dalembert and Elton Brand, who both played exactly 12 minutes and 32 seconds in tonight's game.  While that's good for Travis Diener, Elton and Sam maybe deserve some more PT.  They both talked about how Eddie threw them under the bus and their effort wasn't in question, Elton also said the word "practice" about 18 times but not nearly as animated as the way we're used to.  Along with Andre Iguodala, they claimed it's hard to play with guys who haven't seen much court time in months (thanks guys, we haven't been saying this for 5 months now).

Speaking of court time, HOLY JASON KAPONO 38 MINUTES?!?!?!  That means only 10 minutes of game time (check my math, Tanner) were played without White Chocolate K-Pow himself.  He managed 6 assists and 5 turnovers which means he was handling the ball wayyyhayyhayyyyyy too much.  Although he looks quite cute out there with his nice calves and dynamite haircare product, I'd say this, coupled with 25 combined minutes for Sammy/Elton, means EJ has both feet on the golf course already.

The next bit of notable game action came from the Jodiac Killer, Jodie Meeks, who had his best game as a Sixer, and possibly the best single game performance of all time.  I expect we'll see that silky smooth jump shot falling for years to come.  The 4 boards and 3 dimes are just gravy.  He looked mighty nice out there with Jrue Holiday (who was mic'd up tonight) -- 9 dimes, all of which went to Meeks (that is a lie). 

Marreese Speights played exactly like Marreese Speights normally does.  Tons of offense generated off jump shots without involving his teammates, then not a lick of defense and allowing BEN WALLACE to score 18 points. Charlie Villanueva also scored 25 points and got anywhere he wanted on the court.  The Pistons team shot 63% from the field and 47% from three, but when Iguodala was asked if they brought intensity on the defensive end, he didn't acknowledge the question. Come onnnnnnnnnn 'Dre, Eddie's getting fired in about 10 minutes anyway and all your other teammates are doing it -- it's like Meth.  Just breathe deep baby.

So with an awfully great loss to the Pistons, Washington beating Golden State, and the Knicks beating the Celtics (!), here is a glance at the standings.  Keep in mind the Kings are home against the Spurs tonight and could pull out a win.


The Warriors hold the 3 spot, putting us just two games out of the coveted 4-hole.  Keep hope alive, and keep #MissionWTF in your hearts. As long as the team continues to implode on itself, things could be coming up roses.

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