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One Assist to Rule Them All (said in movie-trailer-guy voice)

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages.  D Generation-X The Liberty Ballers proudly bring to you, its 2010 Fantasy Baaaaasketballllll Chaaaaampiooooonnnn of the Woooooorrrrllllldddddd, The Freed Jrues!  That's rights folks, it is I that has come to be victorious in the season-long battle that came down to myself and the hated TAFKA Mike Bourn.  It was a tough week filled with pain, anguish, sweat, binge-drinking, and voodoo that lead to the eventual demise of Michael and triumph of myself.  


You may have showed your team what you thought was the ultimate motivational video to get them psyched up, but little did you know that there is still one out there greater than any other speech:

That lone video right there led to the one-day pickup of Rasheed Wallace coming through with the monsterous 6 point, 1 assist game on Sunday.  Because of Rasheed, the Jrues took the lead in the assist category by one, breaking the tie and giving them the crown.  

The Fantasy Basketball Championship; It is something children dream of, scantily clad women throw themselves at, and the finest of chickens cluck for (huh?).   I can honestly say that winning this coveted award means the world to me and I'd like to thank all of you who participated......for losing!  Bam, boom, trash talk in yo face!

And now for the awards ceremony (city-league style where we do it by teams baby - Roosevelt Park what up! - Hamilton Park runs Union Terrace all day, everyday):

MVP: Chauncey Billups

This draft pick was one that took me the entire alloted time to make.  I knew a point guard was where I wanted to go but both Billups and Steve Nash were on the board.  I realized that High-Fiving was not a category in this league (maybe next year?) so I went with Billups, and boy did that decision ever pay off.  Billups was the 9th best player in the league this year, with Nash at 17.  Cherish it Chauncey, I know I would.

Steal of the Draft: Stephen Curry

Is he a point guard?  Can he play with Monta Ellis?  Will he even get consistent minutes playing for Don Nelson?  All of those were questions surrounding Steph going into the season.  I went with him with the second pick of the 10th round (notable players drafted the round before him: Allen Iverson, Lou Williams, Greg Oden, Jonny Flynn, Rasheed Wallace, Mario Chalmers, Courtney Lee, and Ramon Sessions) hoping I could get some threes and assists out of him along the way.  Little did I know he would put up a tremendous year on his way to becoming the 10th most productive player in the league.  /gloat

Best Waiver Pickup: Andray Blatche

Not much to say with this guy.  After the Wizards traded away their entire team and somebody played with guns, Blatche had to get minutes; and with minutes came production.  In the final week of play, Andray totaled 92 points, 33 rebounds, 27 ASSISTS (it hurts doesn't it Mikey), 11 steals and 4 blocks.  I will take that any week from some player I picked up off the streets.  Well done.  Side note: he also has full control over his coach, which is nice.

So there's my victory speech for all ya'll haters out there that were taken down on my road to glory.  Now if you'll excuse me, I gotta go put some water in Mike Bourn's momma's dish (thanks Dave Chappelle).

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