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Sixers Lottery Watch '10: MissionWTF Re-launch?

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Sunday night could not have gone better for idle lottery teams watching the scoreboard - like the Sixers. Golden State, Washington, New York, and Indiana all won. The Clippers lost, but they were playing the Knicks, so there's nothing to complain about there. Some wonder if MissionWTF is preparing for re-launch, but back the Buzz-Aldrin-sucks-on-Dancing-with-the-Stars train up. With only 6 games remaining, needing to jump the three and a half teams (the Kings have one more win than Washington, Detroit and Golden State) tied for the 3rd worst record, the Sixers would absolutely have to lose out, and pray for some lucky wins from the aforementioned teams. And it doesn't help that next up for the Sixers is a home game against the Pistons who've lost 11 consecutive games. As Mike Bourn tweeted and J.P. (P.J.?) from Angels in the Outfield once said, it could happen, but for now I'm still focused on maintaining the 7-spot.

Here are the updated standings:

Lottery Team Record GB
10 Pacers 29-48 2.5
9 Knicks 27-49 1
8 Clippers 27-50 0.5
7 Sixers 26-50 --

And the remaining schedules:

Pacers: Knicks, @Cavs, NetsMagic, @Wizards

Predicted wins: 2

Clippers: Blazers, @Kings, Warriors,MavericksLakers

Predicted wins: 1

Knicks: Celtics, @Pacers, @Magic, Heat, Wizards, @Raptors

Predicted wins: 1

Sixers: Pistons, @Heat, Bucks, @Grizzles, Heat, @Magic

Predicted wins: 4