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OperationWTF - Day 10

21 days till the lottery ...

Here's the scenario ESPN's Draft Lottery simulator spit out at me today:


6th pick and Acid Aminu again. Well, we know what it's like to get the 6th or 7th pick, and it feels terrible. 10 simulations into our experiment we've gotten sixth or seventh 80 percent of the time and 1-3 20 percent. The real downer is, we've actually gotten a top 3 pick more than we're supposed to (18.25%). But there's only one draft lottery, and if we got the sixth or seventh pick 99 times out of a 100, that still leaves ... ONE TIME! (Sorry for using the same clip Tanner used a while ago; it's just so inspirational!)

According to DX's rankings, these are the guys who'd be available to the Sixers at 6: Aldirch, Davis, Johnson, Udoh, and Patterson. Wesley Johnson, please.


Simulation #1: 6th pick, Aminu

Simulation #2: 7th pick, Aminu 

Simulation #3: 3rd pick, Cousins

Simulation #4: 6th pick, Aminu

Simulation #5: 7th pick, Aminu

Simulation #6: 2nd pick, Turner

Simulation #7: 7th pick, Aminu

Simulation #8: 6th pick, Aminu

Simulation #9: 7th pick, Davis

Simulation #10: 6th pick, Aminu

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