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Ain't Nothin But a Link Thang

1, 2, 3 and to the 4.  Link Tanny-Tan and Dr. TK are at the door.  Ready to make an entrance so back on up.  Cuz you know we bout to link this up.

Still not a lot of news on the basketball front for the Sixers because of the playoffs (pshhhh, who needs those) but Larry Brown will make sure there is always some sort of gossip surrounding the vacant coaching position.

Speaking of playoffs, I am super pumped for LeBron and the Cavs to put a hurtin on the Celtics in the Conference Semifinals.  Yes, I'm aware this has nothing to do with the Sixers but, come on, seeing Kevin Garnett get shut up is one of the most satisfying sights a basketball fan can experience.

Operation WTF is in full effect and it's only three-ish weeks until we find out if it's mission accomplished or a result comparable to running after Mary Swanson and falling off the jetway (again).  While you wait for the lottery, hit them links big babay!

Sixers to Recruit Brown as Coach, Nothing More

The 76ers are poised to contact Larry Brown about their coaching vacancy, but they apparently have little interest in offering Brown a front-office position overseeing player personnel decisions, an NBA source with knowledge of the Sixers' thinking said on Tuesday.

...the aforementioned Yahoo! "Brown game plan" would require the Sixers to hire a GM as well. If they did that, they would be paying five people to do the work of two people for the next two seasons: Brown, a new general manager, a new coach, Eddie Jordan, and Stefanski.

Bob Ford Says Move Quickly Regarding Stefanski

Of the 76ers are really going to dump general manager Ed Stefanski and once again tie their fate to the swaying rhythms of life with Larry Brown, the decent thing would be to go ahead and do it already.

What should happen next, and it should happen this week if the Sixers' organization has any integrity, is that either Snider or Peter Luukko should come out and say one of two things:

"Ed Stefanski isn't going anywhere," or "Ed Stefanski has been relieved of his duties."

That's a lot to expect from the Sixers, but it would be nice and it would be the right thing to do. The truth, however, is that they probably don't know what they're doing. But we've known that for a while now.

Dei Lynam Lobbies for New Blood at Head Coach

Samuel Dalembert, who is entering his final year as a Sixer, will be playing for his eighth coach in a career that began nine years ago. Selecting the right guy at the helm has not been the Sixers’ strength, or they have given up on people they put in place before their selections ever had a chance to succeed because players voiced displeasure with their boss or his ideology.

American Idol finds fresh talent yearly; can’t the Sixers do the same just this once?

The person who gets the Sixers job also must be given time. Of their last six coaches, Maurice Cheeks coached the most games at 269 and one postseason.

Until the organization understands the need to stick with its coaching investment, the losing will continue. It is no different then investing your money; the person looking for a quick hit usually loses. And if at the first sight of a dip you withdraw your investment, most likely you will always be living in deficit.

Lunch with Ed Stefanski for Season Ticket Holders

"We have lunches and meetings with season-ticketholders with me so that there is more access for them," Stefanski said. "It's a sales tool, but at the same time I'm very accessible to them, whether it be by e-mail or phone or whatever. We have breakfasts. We had about 30 people at a lunch [yesterday]. They ask a lot of questions. We talk about everything, the season, the draft, the coaching, what can we do with trades and all, the [salary] cap situation."

"I haven't talked to anybody yet, but will do so at the end of this week," Stefanski said of coaching candidates. "There are assistant coaches out there, guys that we'll want to talk to who are still involved in the playoffs. Others aren't, and I'll talk to them soon. It's a long process."

"Fans don't get to work at this on a daily basis, they want to do stuff quick," Stefanski said. "I understand that, but it can't work like that. There are so many factors that we have to think about such as salary cap and all. But we like to have open access to the fans. We'll talk about everything, though we can't get into total particulars, of course."

Andre Miller is a Workout Warrior. And by That I Mean Lazy Slob

"I have no regimen," Miller says. After the season ends, so does Miller's working out -- no weights, no cardio, no nothing. "I really don't pick up a basketball."

Eating right also falls by the wayside. "(My diet) isn't healthy at all," Miller says. "Hamburgers, hot links on the Fourth of July, all that."

To control his weight, however, Miller uses old-fashioned discipline. "I starve myself," he says. Seriously? "Yeah, I'm just starting to learn about calories and all that." 

Completely Un-Sixer-Related News of the Day: Miami Heat and Chicago Bulls Have Gone Fishin'

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