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OperationWTF - Day 9

22 days till the lottery ...

Here's the scenario ESPN's Draft Lottery simulator spit out at me today:


7th pick and Ed Davis! Shocker! In 9 simulations, we've gotten the 7th pick most often (4 times). This is terrible, especially if the top 6 shakes out like this simulation. I love me some Ed Davis, but I'm going with Hassan Whiteside in this scenario. I want the most upside -- especially defensively -- and he's got it. Davis and Udoh would finish tied for a close second.

According to DX's rankings, these are the guys who'd be available to the Sixers at 7: Davis, Johnson, Udoh, and Patterson. Wesley Johnson, no-brainer.


Simulation #1: 6th pick, Aminu

Simulation #2: 7th pick, Aminu 

Simulation #3: 3rd pick, Cousins

Simulation #4: 6th pick, Aminu

Simulation #5: 7th pick, Aminu

Simulation #6: 2nd pick, Turner

Simulation #7: 7th pick, Aminu

Simulation #8: 6th pick, Aminu

Simulation #9: 7th pick, Davis

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