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Can't Nobody Link Me Down

Now with Tan on the hot track, melt like it's hot wax.  Put it out all the stores, bet you could shop that.  Leave Stephen A with a hot hat, frontin like LB ain't got tracks.

The Charlotte Bobcats are goin' fishin' (where was that last night TNT?  I was waiting like a kid waits for Arbor Day!) which means even more Larry Brown talk coming our way.  Derek posted the story last night that talk is that Brown will take over President of Basketball Operations while bringing in a puppet in Washington executive Milt Newton and head coach Mike Woodson.  With Brown waiting to take over duties, if indeed it does happen, I can't wait to purchase my new Theo Ratliff and Matt Geiger jerseys!

No LOST tonight, might as well link it while you can.


Snider Denies Larry Brown Report

Sixers chairman Ed Snider referred to a report that Brown - now coaching the Charlotte Bobcats - was positioning himself to return to the Sixers as president and perhaps coach as "total, unadulterated bull."

"I don't know where this stuff comes from," Snider said last night. "I keep reading that [new Bobcats owner] Michael Jordan has said it'd be OK for Brown to leave [under certain circumstances]. But it's not coming from us. Nothing is coming from us."

"I don't even know that we're interested. But if we were interested - and I don't know that we are - it would only be as a coach. And I don't know that we are."

SAS: Sixers Need to Move Fast

But after both Snider and Luukko swore they'd act swiftly to remedy things, all they've done is get rid of one lame duck in coach Eddie Jordan while leaving the other precariously in place in general manager Ed Stefanski.

With all the candidates already on his "hidden" list, perhaps it would behoove the Sixers' GM to try and hire someone quickly.

That way, either Snider or Luukko will go along with it and, hence, keep Stefanski employed. That way Stefanski can get on with his life and take the nearly $3 million he's owed over the next two years with him, enabling Sixers fans to zero in their focus on where it truly belongs: Snider and Luukko.

Dei Lynam Throws On Brown Situation

Many people drew up the scenario where Brown would take over the team and Wright would be his coach of choice.

If not Jay Wright, but yes Brown becomes President and he does not want to coach the team himself don’t rule out Kentucky’s John Calipari being discussed. Brown reached out to Calipari years ago when he was let go by the New Jersy Nets and later Claipari became a Brown assistant coach with the Sixers.

One notable NBA person when asked who he thought would get the Sixers head coaching post said, "Are you kidding, that franchise changes coaches like people change dirty underwear. I would suggest to the person who takes it to just get a hotel room."

"Didn’t the players throw Tony Dileo under the bus last year? Didn’t the players become Eddie Jordan’s demise? Maybe they should stop listening to the players." 

Completely Un-Sixer-Related News of the Day: A Reminder That Shaq Was Unbelievable

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